The Purge, Purge-Anarchy and Purge-Election Year.Its meaning,historical roots and social implications



By: Kasa  P.Thompson.


The Purge -Election Year-Donald Trump,#3

          After watching The Purge-Purge-Anarchy and Purge Election Year,  what the movie is about and is there a message being communicated. In these Purge franchise sequels is it just futuristic or is it  occurring  historically. Our history can search ,find, and trace  periods of  injustices, atrocities,brutality ,murder and lynchings. It’s definition could be defined as historical atrocity and lynching.It is not only the franchise movie that is the future ,but  it’s historical and cultural which is this futuristic horror show. In a facebook comment I once stated that”  

The Purge- its movie whether Purge-Anarchy or Election Year is old as the Amerikkkan Constitution and tradition. Racial Lynchings in the South is the origins of the Purge. It is nothing new. Whites in the South you to have a”pick a nigger night”-picnic the word picnic derives from this.The Purge is nothing new, Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations and other Racist and Baapiest Groups.

       What is the Purge,what is the definition of this movie. Is it releasing aggression, rage,crime or is it and the legalized excuse for exterminating  the poor,sick ,needy ,Blacks and other people of color by racist White Amerikkkans, upperclass,rich or not. Not only will the movie be discussed in this post, it’s historical root, and the social affects concerning issues of racism, poverty ,discrimination and economics.

The Purge -Election Year-Donald Trump,#2

                 New Founding Fathers of America-New Founding Fascists of Amerikkka.


The Purge -New founding father


       The Purge  movie series in 2013 with Ethan  Hawke ,Lena Headley and Edwin Hodge deals with  middle class or upper class White family. .It outlines the purpose of the Purge. .The movie gives us  a future of America. Yes, economic decline, rising debt, rising poverty ,stock market crash, weaken currency -dollar and high  unemployment  are descriptions for America’s decline.An extremist New Founding Fathers of America or New Founding Fascists of Amerikkka  proposed  a solution to cure America’s economic disaster.Yes, violence,murder ,genocide and lynching for one  night from 7:00p.m. to 7:00a.m. in the morning.An annual killing event.Yes , the Purge is Legalized and  enforced by the New Founding Fathers of America.It is a futuristic prediction for hatred. In curing hatred and killing they promote and sanction hatred and killing.Edwin  Hodge a homeless Black  male is being hunted down by White racist upper-class purgers, who believe it is their right to cleanse and purge themselves in killing this Black male.


Purgers- Lynchers


New Founding Fathers of Amerikkka

       Purge -Anarchy and Purge-Election Year continues the same sequel the killing of the poor.sick ,needy,people who are considered a burden to the economy,indirect genocide against Blacks and other people.Purge Election Year ends but with very brutal Neo-Nazi skinheads.Militia’s and President -Elect Charlie Roan-Elizabeth Mitchell ends the Purge.




            As  horribly entertaining the Purge franchise  were there is a historical content to it. Is the movie franchise futuristic horror event or is  there a historical or cultural connection to it. In arguing it’s historical content in relation one would have to examine America’s injustices . Racism in America  could be defined  as a Purge like behavior, the injustice and inhumanity done to Black Americans.Purge like behavior such as  Slavery, Jim Crow and segregation.African Americans in the Jim Crow period were faced with vicious, violent and brutal acts.Lynching is a definite example of  purging or Purge like behavior. In the Jim Crow  period  Lynching was an barbarous ,vicious, atrocious and criminal act  perpetrated on African Americans. In Lynching -purging of African Americans one would create out of this term “Picnic”.Use of the term Picnic is an activity  with food and beverages. In reality the term Picnic is ” pick a nigger night”, in that racist southern white americans {amerikkkans} would pick an innocent  Black American victim he or she is hunged with  body parts dismembered and it is gruesome festival with beer,beverage and food. One would describe it as”    

       The above pictures are indicative of White Christian Americans having a good time by lynching  Black African Americans.   The word “lynching” is derived from “Willie Lynch.”  For whatever reason, White folks  would decide to lynch any Black African American male, although they have lynched Black African American females on many occasions. So they would drink their liquid courage and get drunk then make plans to go out and “pick a nigger” to lynch. Several counties and hundreds, if not thousands of White Americans would turn out for these gala events. Food and beverages would be sold and good Christian White folks would even cut off the body parts of their victims, placing them in jars for souvenirs of their joyous outing. Read “100 Years of Lynchings” by Ralph Ginzberg.  The phrase “pick a nigger” was shortened and cloaked in merriment. Thus, we now have the word “picnic.” .   In Lynching and picnic-“pick a nigger night” as atrocious in our history they were earlier acts of purging ,murder and genocide.  It supports the position that the notion and thought of the Purge existed before the franchise    movie was released.  Lynching and killing of African Americans is a form of Purging. 


The Purge Pick a Nigger Night,#2




The Purge Pick a Nigger Night,#3


         A perfect example of purging and picnic-pick a nigger night  



The Purge Pick a Nigger Night,#4



        Nina Simone’s video and song “Strange Fruit represents the definition and activity of  what purging is  and the purge could be defined as “

             Strange  Fruit, song and video from Nina Simone presents an example of  a Purge, purging and the long history of lynching in the form of purging.  Is the Purge  a fantasy, movie, notion, thought or continuously has been with us for a long period of time.Is purging activity still continuing in America. In purging the activity of hatred,racist attacks and other  forms of racial,skin color and poor appearance{Bamma’s} continues.Could the  Purge become a reality one day, time and present. Again, could this prediction of a dark,evil,genocidal, future for America become a reality. With 19 trillion in debt,  America could one day, time and year economically and financially collapsed leading to reactionary,extreme and genocidal solutions and policies.  Before the franchise  movie  sequel Purge series racist, ethnic, religious violence and other forms of racist, ethnic and`xenophobic acts have occurred in America.  Is the Purge a reality that existed in this country for some time. With Police Brutality against Blacks  and other forms of racist violence one could argue that the Purge exists. A video of a racist White Militiaman responding to the 2016 Milwaukee riots presents why the Purge could exist.








      This video could only predict the future of America . And ending this critique and post, one would have to question is there a connection between fantasy and truth. Could  movies  such as “The Purge” become real or reality. Note ‘release the beast” and ” American rage” could define the racist, reactionary, and violent characteristic that could exist. Are there politicians,demagogues and reactionaries that could advocate, promote and legislate policies and practices as ” The Purge”

Donald Trump and kkk


David Duke


Trump's Aryan Amerikkkan Bitches,#10

Future Lyncher- Purger.


Trump's Aryan Amerikkkan Bitches,#12



         The past can predict the future . The past can lead to the future; only time will tell.Remember ” Keep America White”and  ” Make America{Amerikkka} White  Again”. it could happen. 


I am waiting for your  comments.

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Donald J Trump-Not Another Reagan


By: Kasa  P.Thompson.

Donald Trump,#10

                         In  this  2016   Presidential  Campaign, from the 2016  Republican(Republikkkan) Convention  the choice is definitely  and perfectly clear.Returning a candidate whose husband was one of the greatest Presidents in which he pulled us out of the  tyrannous  Reagan Eighties.aside from her scandals and a billionaire     who is noted for such  books as ” Crippled America{Amerikkka} “, ” Art of The Deal” and “Time to get Tough”.With such Businesses as ” Trump Plaza ” and the” Grand  Hyatt”  and Golf Courses . To the Grand Hyatt on 42nd street and Park Avenue I will not distribute literature and  Flyers for W.I.A.D.C.A.  at that Location. Why, due  to this racist ,xenophobic and jingoistic remarks from this  Republican{Republikkkan} Candidate; in addition the advertisement in  The New York Times 1990  in which he called for  the Death Penalty of the rape of a White jogger saying ” Kill those Black Bastards”, with calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States. Yes ,Donald J. Trump Republican{Republikkkan} Candidate  for the President of the United States and billionaire is the worst, racist and even worse than  Ronald Wilson Reagan. Simply, there is no difference  between Donald J. Trump   and Ronald Wilson Reagan-this is it.My denunciation  of this  Republican{Republikkkan} Candidate will range from historical,Donald Trump’s rise, comments  and his candidacy for The President of the United States in the 2016 Presidential Election. This election is very important for your survival, necessity  and life before the  siren goes off at 7:00p.m. .Where does it all begin? The origins of Donald Trump’s thinking,politics and policies are rooted through his upbringing. Yes, Frederic Trump,


and  builder of Trump Village in Brooklyn and Queens. He was worth 300 million.In addition Frederic Trump was one of the worst racists ever, Not only did he supported a Ku Klux Klan rally in Jamaica, Queens in the 1930’s, but denied and discriminated against Blacks in housing to Trump Village.Born June,14,1946  Donald Trump .After being expelled from Kew Forest School for bad behavior he transferred to the New York Military Academy .After graduating from the Military Academy ,he then attended Fordham University and graduated from University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School of Business where he earned Bachelor of Science in Economics.From there he received`a $1,000,000.00 from his father- Frederic to venture out on his own where he purchased the old hotel on 42nd street and transformed it to the Grand Hyatt on 42nd and Lexington Ave. Next the Trump Tower on 725 Fifth Avenue and the Taj Mahal Casino on Atlantic City, New Jersey



Taj Mahal Casino

Donald Trump,#11

which is one of four bankruptcies.Aside from his successes 4.5billion, billionaire ,three marriages and a wickedly beautiful wife Melania Knaus. Not to forget  the television reality show: The Apprentice” where his famous words”Your Fired”.Let us examine Donald Trump’s candidacy for President, thinking ,politics,views ,policies as well as the importance and significance of voting for Donald Trump Republican{Republikkkan} candidate for President of these United States in 2016 ,


Donald Trump,#65








          Now, move very, very fast .You have got to November 8, 2016 before the Purge Siren goes off at  7:00p.m. His candidacy and victory means your life .Now you do not want to regress or return to the Reagan 80’s and or worse than the Jim Crow South horrors our African Americans faced. Please do not stay home and not vote.

Donald Trump,#46

       In understanding the politics,positions and policies of Mr Trump even in his Real Estate and commercial success, it was the Presidential dining with Ronald W. Reagan the 40th President of the United States were his position on immigration, trade and race`was formulated. As mention no difference between Ronald W. Reagan and Donald J. Trump-this is it.

Given the crown by Reagan,#2

      The Central Park Incident of a White Jogger was attacked and raped by Black teenagers- which they were wrongfully accused of is one of Donald Trump’s moments in racism. During this criminal incident Donald Trump writes an editorial in the New York Times calling for the Death Penalty.My description  of it” Kill those Black Bastards” in which I interpret it as.

Donald Trump,#6

            This incident portrayed Donald J.Trump as racist,xenophobic and malevolent.In some instances and cases Donald Trump has insulted Black employees calling them  Lazy and stupid.

Donald Trump,#2

       His racist remarks, rhetoric and utter despisal  for Blacks is defined in certain ways.His attack on President Barack Obama from his Obamacare program to his other programs to the fact that he considers President Obama will go down as one  of the worst Presidents in United States History.Also in creating and starting “The Birther Movement ” in accusing President Obama of not being born in the United States.This is not the end or discontinuation   for Donald Trump. Mr Trump’s racism ,xenophobia and jingoistic behavior persists in his speeches and literary work.One noted ” Time to Get Tough”

Donald Trump,#7        From reading this book. it is full of xenophobia,nativism and irrational economic ideas. One argument that Donald Trump politicizes that” We do not win any more.We lose on immigration ,trade,China and Mexico.Mr Trump ask yourself this question, Why is America {Amerikkka} losing?.Whose fault is it?.It is the High School or College Student asking  the teacher or professor why did he fail the math exam.  Another point in Chapter  three of his book with concern to China in  which he accuses  China of  contributing to America’s economic failure and decline.   In  his book ,chapter three ,Mr Trump accuses  China of  stealing American jobs, manipulating America’s  currency and dollar ,in addition of accusing China  of stealing America’s{Amerikkka’s} economic, technological and military secrets. Mr Trump believes that the American{Amerikkkan} jobs that we lost are an entitlement. From being laid off fifty times in the job market and pursuing a degree in International Business, one should refer to the ” Comparative Trade Theory”, from  David Ricardo.One crucial point in  his book is that he praises and admires such conservative-reactionary figures as Sarah   Palin

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin,#10

who previously commented that President Obama should “stop chukin  and jivin” a racist term used for Blacks during slavery period. In this mingling and association what do you think the objectives and positions of both Mr Trump and Sarah Palin are. Yes,  his undertaking and candidacy for the President of  the  United States. As a Republican{Republikkkan} Presidential candidate Trump adopts and lays out a position which is  the most extreme since Barry Goldwater in his 1964 Presidential  Campaign against Lyndon Johmson. His Presidential slogan ” Make America Great Again” which is in my opinion “Make Amerikkka White Again”

Donald Trumpm#10

In his Presidential announcement in Trump Tower he accusses   immigrants  from Mexico of` being Drug Dealers, rapists and criminals. Perhaps this video will answer my position on why Donald Trump is another Reagan and should not be President.



I hope this video explain to you  the position that Mr Trump  has articulated.  Or is it really to make  amerikkka white again.


Donald Trump and kkk


        In the Presidential debates Donald Trump is insulted with a question presented by Megvn Kelly whom I greatly despised. Other insults to other Republican candidates such as Carly Fiorina “look at that appearance, who would vote for that appearance”, on which it is extremely cruel ,distateful and disgusting,one in which I endured in my college years.Also Donald Trump has insulted other candidates such as Marco Rubio-“little Marco” and Ted Cruz-‘Lying Ted”,portrays the character of Donald Trump. It puts into question is he fit to lead and govern this nation.Another video will help support my argument of the unqualifications of Donald Trump to be Commander in Chief.



        From several debates,campaign rallies which are chaotic, racist, reactionary and raucous,  and filled with hatred and xenophobia is the message of Donald Trump. In addition to proposing  to build a wall between Mexico and the United  States in which he will have Mexico  pay for it  to other extreme policies and positions politicized by Donald  Trump. Trump’s attraction and appeal  are extremist reactionary Republican{Republikkkans} and die hard blue collar conservatives and those who hold the same old position on crime,welfare and affirmative action. This is nothing new. It’s historical roots are  from reactionaries  of the 1960’s. Donald Trump is similar and imitates the political figure of,


Donald Trump,#15

       With attracting crowds of hate -filled extremists, his campaign rallies are filled with violence and hatred and chaos. Even his supporters and campaign rallies are filled with extremism and violence.With African American supporters such as  Sheriff David Clarke and Katrina Pierson who is infamous ,deceitful, ruthless and the typical B.A.A.P.{ Black Aryan Amerikkkan Princess}.



      This is the mind of a wicked personality. I have encounter such wickedly beautiful females as Katrina Pierson in my college years.  The same social Interaction ,rowdy,uncivilized. ostracizing and ridiculous behavior in college life is used in the political arena, policies and politicizing of platforms of such women as Katrina Pierson. Other infamous racist figures such as David Duke have endorsed Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and kkk

           Donald Trump’s   Policies, positions and politicizing   is the Republican Convention in Cleveland. Ohio from July,18 to July, 21 2016. It was filled with extreme elements  of the Republican Party. From the extreme speakers such as Sheriff  David Clarke of Wisconsin politicizing that “Blue lives Matter in ignoring Police Brutality .Slogans and extremism in the Republican Convention such as for Hillary Clinton” Lock her up”from Chris Christie. Other rhetoric, extremist and reactionary acts are present. More so is the nomination speech of Donald Trump  which is the most worse and even extreme of all Republican Conventions. His nomination speech on July ,21 was the most  extreme and  reactionary speech  since Barry Goldwater.Goldwater quoted” extremism in the defense of liberty is of no virtue” .With being scarred and frighten of Ronald  Reagan one point is that he  stayed on  economic  message.  Donald Trump as the Republican Candidate and his speech at the Republican Convention contained violent, reactionary rhetoric. One he mentioned that” 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records will be roaming free in the streets of America to threaten the peace” Also repeatedly the use of the phrase “Law and Order” several times in this Republican Convention, which was previously used in 1968 Republican Convention by Richard Nixon.This video will defend my argument,


              Yes,  this describes the reactionary and extreme politicizing in his Republican nomination.Now`ask  this question is Donald  Trump  qualified to be President  of the United States and we must fight all forms of Reaganism.  Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton could have put it best” 

“Now, you didn’t hear any of this from Donald Trump at his convention.


He spoke for 70-odd minutes – and I do mean odd.


And he offered zero solutions. But we already know he doesn’t believe these things.”

       The  main argument  against   Donald  Trump for the Presidency is   character and temperament.First,  cheating workers,vendors and business people at his Taj Mahal Atlantic City Casino, scandalous  Trump  University ,xenophobic,violent ,racist, and fascist rhetoric of Donald Trump is the best definition of his character and temperament. Hillary Clinton  best describes it as “

“Ask yourself: Does Donald Trump have the temperament to be Commander-in-Chief?


Donald Trump can’t even handle the rough-and-tumble of a presidential campaign.


He loses his cool at the slightest provocation. When he’s gotten a tough question from a reporter. When he’s challenged in a debate. When he sees a protester  at a rally.


Imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”


Donald Trump,#16





               Yes  a man  who  attacks protesters. insults  War Veterans  and news reporters and makes racist ,xenophobic statements on immigrants is not a man you could trust in the White House . In describing  his temperament his reactionary and rage will enact an  inhuman and atrocious act.


The Purge -Election Year-Donald Trump,#3

       Yes 7:00p.m.   all crime,murder,lynching and genocide on the poor,sick,needy , immigrants ,blacks and other peoples of color by racist white americans{amerikkkans} will legalized and sanctioned by Donald Trump. This is an imaginative argument for why Donald Trump should not be President.


Ronald Reagan-666 -The Devil -Gipperish-The Great American Dictator.jpg,#6


      Should we  return back to the  80’s. 60’s or 1920’s. Yes I lived through the Reagan Years, the pain ,ridicule and  ostracism,being laid off fifty times in the job market and the mean,extreme and unremorseful  attitudes of that time. In addition my support and voting for Reagan in 1984 as a sign of weakness.

     So in concluding this critique I say and support not another  Reagan .Not only is Donald J. Trump  more extreme than Ronald Reagan but ” the evil face of gentrification in Brooklyn”. Now please vote before 7:00p.m., when  the  purge siren goes off,and not another Reagan.

Note: Any comments I am  ready for whether good or bad.


Again,I  want to thank my Brooklyn College Professor in Television and Radio 1165 for educating me in the Blog.

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I am Spartacus. But this is Spartacus

I am  Spartacus



                But  this is Spartacus.

But this is Spartacus,#3

Afterlife, deserved end ,  and a man must accept his fate or be destroyed by it ,      we only but return favor    as well as “those that put there foot on the throat of Liberty will fall to to the cry of Freedom”,are the philosophical and or shakespearian words of a great rebellion against Masters and Tyrants that still has meaning or significance to us all.The series Spartacus Blood and Sand,Vengeance and War of the Damned is not only about a slave rebellion in Rome led by Spartacus-Liam Mcintyre but it represents the opressed and disenfranchised person everywhere.At times the series reflects on our  continuous oppression of Black Americans. 



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The Django Movie-Blackexploitation at it’s Worse,Vile,Vulgar and Racist-The New Racism

The Django Movie

               In   viewing this movie    Django   Unchained  on New Years Day ,January,1 at 1:30p.m.  it was extremely disgusting, racially offensive .With some who did not find this disgusting ,racist and constant use of the “N-Nigger” word .I  approach this argument in a different perspective.While  other praised ” Django  Unchained” in the resemblance  in of Black liberation in Amerikkka ,I take a different view. Movies of “Precious”, “Monsters Ball”, and ” Shadowboxer”  their are negative traits and uses  in the movie ” Django Unchained” .For instance the use of the word “N-Nigger” it is not only hateful, but offensive to   Black Americans. First,   it gives  who are racist,,bias hateful, and at times hideous and dangerous with the opportunity to  oppress, demean,degrade and  hate us by using this word.  In this use of   Rap,  Country and   other  musical lyrics  which  complements and  inclusive  d   of  the racially bigoted  and disgusting  character portrayed in the  movie.    The  music along with words,scenes, and  acting were racially offensive.

The Django Movie,#2

                     The most disgusting ,horrible.vile,vulgar offensive and will be psychologically  racially damaging to Black  Americans is the cruel , violent  and extremely oppressive   in   the  state of  Mississippi slave master”Calvin Candy” played by Leonardo  Dicaprio.With  this  extremely hated role I could give an Academy   Award for playing the worst,racist, and extremely cruel slave master to  Mr Dicaprio.  First, he orchestrates brutal  slave fights between two Black Slaves.  Next  he punishes one slave who runs away by having a pack of wild Dogs atacked and killed him. Then in his last scene of trading a slave girl by name  of “Bromhilda” played by Carrie Washington   he invited both “Django”-Jamie Foxx and  “Dr. Shultz”-Christopher Waltz to dinner in which the plan  to free Bromhilda.  The Overseer” Stephen” played by Samuel Jackson    is the worst example of demeaning  “Uncle Tomism” and  Stephin Fetchitism”  .In this  scene the overseer Stephen says” you mean this Nigger is a free man Master Calvin Candy replied ” you damn sure he is”.The dinner scene is the most hurtful,painful and will live in the mental imprint of Black Americans.In  this scene Master Calvin  Candy played by Leonardo DiCaprio  contrasts  the mental,intelligence and brainial differences between White and Blacks.In that he compare the  White persons brain to Galileo and Newton and other famous  White Europeans to the  Black persons brain of servility, docile ,dumbness,stupidity and inferiority.  At  the end of  the movie  Leonardo    Dicaprio, Samuel  Jackson and a host of other infamous, racist chracters are killed.

Django Unchained,#4

 Django  Unchained”  are a host of racially offensive and degradeful films are offensive to African Americans.  The connection with such films as ” Precious”,Shadowboxer”,”Monsters Ball”,” Django Unchained”  represents  the  worse  filth in racist film exploitation- Blackexpolitation.Director  Quentin  Tarantino  for this film is noted for his worse, vile, and vulgar Black exploitation films.     As  I conclude in this   please  be aware,alert,  and  cautious of Quentin  Tarantino and Lee Daniels  duo  of  a series or other more racist,degradeful,demeaning and despising and horrible racist image  films.            

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“ShadowBoxer” and other Racially Offensive Movies in the Entertainment Industry

          The   prescence of racially offensive videos,film radio ,television ,the recording industry  and other forms of entertainment continues to exist even as today.Racist depictions of Blacks began in the 1900’s with the racially offensive movie titled “Birth of a Nation”  in which Blacks were depicted as brutes,savages and unfit for responsibility and  leadership. In that film the Ku  Klux Klan was portrayed as heroes, saviours of the. White  South; this type of racist imagery continued to the prescence of the Civil Rights Movement.With the prescence of Black Pride and Power some positive images of Blacks. I  was  a youth  at that time   attending  Samuel J.Tilden High School. Even in  that time our   Black  Pride and Culture began to fade away, from our soul music to other traits of our culture

        The height of the Reagan Years    which was  also my great suffering as well in that period  the trend and situation  for Blacks   was the back to normal or return to  Jim Crow or Apartheid. With government spending and other programs Black Americans were faced with  a new dilemna .Even in this time with Barack Hussein Obama our first Black President and other predecesors befrore him  a green light was indicated that we  could return to the racist imagery of the negative  stereotypes of Blacks .Such as the movie” Monsters  Ball” in which Halle Berry  plays  the role of Leticia  Musgrove  which her  white lover played by Billy Bob Thorton  both acted out a sexually expicit and Nude scene which was offensive to the public and Black Americans .The line in the sex scene acted by Halle Berry is “make me feel good”.This  is the continous line  used in every motion picture produced  and directed by Lee Daniels, including the movie “Precious” which is the most demeaning,degrading  and hurtful to Blacks.

                           In the  movie  “Precious”  Monique  plays  the disturb ,abused , depresssed and alcoholic drug-addicted mother  abusing  her daugher  “Precious” played by Gabourney Sidibe .In one scene  the  school counselor for precious visits  the home.In the visit she presents and advises on opportunities  for continuing education and possibly  going to college.After the visit  precious and her mother  exchange  nasty words, gestures and eventually get into a physical confrontation. Preciouses mother states to heryou do not  need higher education you are a fucking dummie, go down to the welfare office” .In addition there  are sexually expilicit scenes  of incest  in which  Precious   is engaged in sexual activities   with   both her mother and her father.Continuously the twisted  and decived racist  image of  Lighter  Skinned Blacks-Mullatoes(B.A.A.P’s) and Whites are portrayed as heroic and  superior. The  movie “Precious” creates an atmosphere ,thought  and image of   Racial Inferiority for Blacks. At one point  in the advertising   on   the billboard  which states “spray and neuter”  portrays  a message of   eugenics,genocide and extermination of racial ,ethnic and religious groups.

                      Shadowboxer   is  one of the  most dangerously destructive  racially destructive and mentally damaging to the  African  American Community.

        In   the  movie  “Shadowboxer”    Cuba  Gooding plays  a hitman  who was illegally  adopted by -Helen Mirren   who plays his surrogate  mother .In  one scene Helen Mirren orders Cuba Gooding  to carry out certain criminal acts.One in this scene in which  Cuba Gooding murders  certain persons in the home of  a  mob  lord(Stephen Dorff) and kidnaps his wife (Vanessa  Ferlito).In certain scenes there are illicit obscene, disgusting and offensive sexual acts  with  himself and Helen Mirren. This sickening,demeaning and degradeful  sexual affair with a 26+ year  old Blakc Male and a 60+ year old White Woman (Helen Mirren) is extremely  offensive to  the public ,audiences and  especially  to   Black Americans. In this one sex scene both Helen Mirren  and Cuba  Gooding are nuded in the garden while engaging in sexual acts. At the end of the sexual scene Cuba Gooding Murders his  surrogate mother(Helen Mirren).After he then marries the kidnap Vanessa Ferlito after murdering her Mafia husband-Stephen Dorff.

With, my criticism of racist,xenophobic and jingoistic     propaganda such as ” The Monsters Ball”,”Precious” and  ” Shadowboxer” another point is the main culprit and creator  of  the racist filth, lewd and caricature of people of color particularly African Americans.

                 Yes,  Lee  Daniels, is responsible for  directing,producing and filming   todays racist propaganda, hysteria and filth. Lee Daniels whose childhood was filled  with pathological,deviant and criminal behaviour has vented his frustration on the African American community. In  addition to the death of his father, other pathological ,deviant ,psychotic and criminal members of his family,Lee  Daniels continues to have a Gay relationship with adopting two Black Boys.  This is the most destructive media artist since  D.W. Griffith when he directed and produced “Birth of a Nation”. The shame is that he is a Black  American (Bamma)who posseses self-hatred  for other African Americans .Lee Daniels is a dangerous person ,Director and artist should be restrcited, canned and banned from all involvement in media,film amd television. Susan Taylor  of” Essence Magazine ” was right when she stated that”hurt people hurt  people”. Lee Daniels clearly fits that description.

               Briefly,  my disgust with racist lyrics, film media and television is that  it has and will continue  create a racist depiction of African Americans.This and other types of insensitive , offensive  and racist media not only demeans African Americans, but  continues  to ignite or create a resurgence of racist thought,hatred .oppression and dejure bias  (Jim Crow) legislation  for years to come.This type of racist propaganda  must be curtailed and prevented.Groups like Cemotap(Offensive media to minorities) but continue to watch and monitor such racist propaganda.We must begin to eliminate ,curtail and rid ourselves of this racist filth and propaganda now. 

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The Very Best Of The Spinners Album as a pleasure of listening and enjoying as a youth.


           In my life  I was exposed to genres of Music  with listening to Rhythm and Blues ,Soul and Gospel my impression of the Spinners is that they are still my favorite   Soul and Rhythm and Blues artists of the 1970’s.My first encounterance and  listening to the Spinners is that my uncle presented  to my Grandmother  the  Album ‘New and Improved”, from the Spinners. The Album included such songs as “Then Came You”. ” Living Just a Little” ,”Sadie” and ” I have got to make it on my own”. As a youth and even today the Spinners is one of the greatest soul groups for me .From listening to to the Album” New and Improved from the Spinners is not only a host of beautiful songs , but it gives me a perspectiveof my life of the  1970’s . The  song  “Sadie” is one of the songs in the Album. It features the lyric as this ” Sadie dont we love you so much . the premier of ladies,living in the past” is a tune that leaves an imprint on my life vas a youth. The song represents high esteem we had for our parents .The motive in deciding to chose this album stems from a music that is never played on the radio or television. Again, it represent my life was like as a youth and family was portrayed in the middle or late 1970’s. .With Rap, Hip -Hop and other types of distasteful types of music.Not only it has been a time period of  Rhythm  and Blues ,Jazz and Soul not to exist or played  on radio, but in this day and time i will always be a Rhythm and Blues fan. The Spinners support my choice of this Blog .

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My perspective on the Wall Street Protestors

October 11, 2011 at 6:05 pm

In  my  response to the  protestors on Wall  Street and Zucotti Park they have as every right to demonstrate,petition and protest as those in the T.E.A. Party- Tyrannical.  Evil . Aryan . Party, Anti-Wa Portestors against the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Protestors in the 1960′s and the 1970′s.The hypocrasy behind this is that when Fox News Commentators and Talk Show Hosts like Bill  O’Reilly and Sean Hannity demonized and describe these protestors as Criminal,drug addicts ,homeless or Hippies. No they are hard working American ,some of them friends and former teachers and professors of mine.Thier complaint and  protest is Legitimate.For Fox News  Commentators to describe these protestors as criminal,drug users and dealers is insane , Idiosy and Ludicrous racist talk. Take it from me a person who has been laid off 50 times in the Job Market.

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My Admiration for the Movie” All The Presidents Men”

In  my  admiring the movie “ All The President’s Men”  which was directed by  Oliver Stone, provides  not only is  an example of an important  historical
period in American History, but it
defends the press as well as the method
of investigative journalism. Both    Dustin
Hoffman  and  Robert
Redford  in portraying both   Woodward and Burnstein  gives
us an example of the type  of
investigative journalism that would never exist again. The situation  in
which it  occurred in 1973    was   break
in  in the Daniel  Ellisberg  Building  by  John
Dean,  E  Howard
Hunt, H.R.  Haldemann  and  others
in the Nixon Administration. It resulted
in the  resignation   of Richard M. Nixon the 37th  President of the United States. It will be recorded
in the history books as one of the investigative uses of journalism which  ruined a Presidency and it’s Administration.

My  enjoyment of” All  the President’s  Men”
is the investigative journalism that will never be used again. For instance
the Iran
Contra-Scandal of 1986 which was more severe than the Watergate  Scandal involved the selling of
important  pieces of weaponry for
hostages to Iran in the proceeds of funding the
Contra’s in Nicaragua  by
some   White House Officials  in the
Reagan Administration . In that certain top secret  were provided as well as the betrayal
and  violation of National Security as
well.  In
this scandal were was the investigative
journalism of N.B.C., C.B.S, and
A.B.C.  in  this major  scandal. Were there any  investigative news reports ,research, facts
and  data
to ruined and  expose this scandal
in the Reagan   Administration. In
President  Ronald W.  Reagan
explaining  to the American Public
that he had no knowledge of trading weapons for hostages to support the Contra’s
in Nicaragua  gave him  the exemption of  indictment  on any charges due to the lack of
investigative journalistic work  ,with
facts, data, and other forms of research. This   clearly  marked the end of investigative journalism.

The  comments  that
were presented by  Walter  Cronkite, former Anchor of Sixty Minutes  and Channel#2 News at 6:30p.m.,  as well as journalists  Linda Ellerbee and Matt  Feeling
explains the  reasons why
investigative journalism does not exist in this type of media environment.  Walter
Cronkite is correct in which he explains that todays journalism is not supported
by facts, data and other types of investigative research. He   explains that  journalistic work that usually was not
supported with facts, data , research and other types of information were not present
in Television, Radio and Print News. Linda Ellerbee, Syndicated  Journalist supports the viewpoint of Walter  Cronkite with a different explanation and
analysis. Mrs  Ellerbee explains that not
only investigative journalism is gone  with the investigative facts, research, data
and other forms of information.  Instead
the presence  of Cable  News Stations such as Fox News,  Msnbc as well as other   Talk Radio and Television  News are providing information to the Public
that is incorrect with opinionated and non-investigative facts which has ruined
the professionalism and talents of journalism.
Also   Linda   Ellerbee   mentioned how opinionated  News Shows Radio, Television as well as
print  has lost   the
dedicated  ,investigative and  professional talents for   journalism. Matt  Feeling , news and journalist consultant has
also explained how good and investigative reporting  has
disappeared from the News
Industry .Instead    investigative  journalism
has replaced it with opinion  type
news shows on Cable Television, Regular Television Broadcasting  and other forms of print and televised media.
Mr  Feeling  feels that these media outlets are providing
narrow-minded view  or perspectives of
current events Nationally, Locally and International as well.

Briefly,   my admiration and
support for “ All The President’s Men” portrays
the   fine   journalistic work of Woodward and Burnstein    which will never exist in Newspaper,
Media   either Televised or print.  In admiring this movie personally  we vision
that investigative  journalism in
this period  has died. Journalism has
changed in the  forms of Talk Radio and
Cable Television News  with specific ,
often narrow-minded viewpoints, rather than the facts.In  my admiration for the movie “All The
President’s  Men” we could return to a
type of journalism  which truthful,
honest and proper investigative tools.






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The Mental,Social and Biological Destructive of the Use of the “N” Word

The  N Word is a negative reference to Blacks,Negroes and other African Peoples. It is best as defined as ‘Nigger” a racist word that has been used out for this period in American history ,It has played a major role in Slavery ,Jim Crow-Segregation in the South .lynching and other forms of racism in this country.  It is bad  enough that it used in Rap  Music lyrics and verses to degrade others.By African American Rappers and Entertainers using this word it reinforces a pattern of inferiority and satisifies the notion of White Racists .Yes the word shoud be taken out the American .My presumption is that it will never occur in another Three hundred Years along with the word “Bamma” to describe un-attractive Blacks,nurds, poor hygiene type in our community

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It is time to expose the Wicked Witch

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We are a nation of the constitution.Freedom of Speech and the Press. Yes Sarah Palin is an extreme Right wing Facist Glamour Girl of  the Republican Party. It is the Right of the Media ,Investigative Media to inform us of these extreme persons such as Sarah Palin.Not only is she Wickedly Beautiful ,but a nasty ,evil ,cruel Right -Wing  Imp.I have  encountered such females on College Campuses such as Lincoln University and Long Island University.The media should note that she is most Right -Wing Radical since Ronald Reagan often similiar to James O Eastland , Ross Barnett, and Rebecca Felton.Yes has wrongfully critized   President Barack Obama for his economic policies. By cutting taxes it wont simply improve the economy, but leave us a deficit with less government revenue.She needs to re-take College Algebra and Algebra over again.

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